Lady Sallie Ferrall


People who have a long association with MND in Tasmania were saddened to hear of the death of the Patron of MND Tasmania, Lady Sallie Ferrall, on September 10. Lady Ferrall was an active Patron of the Association, hosting the memorable annual Christmas Parties in her gardens at Quamby and Elphin House until recent years.

Her proactive support for people living with MND in Tasmania started over 30 years ago when her first husband, John Barnett, had MND. She initiated informal meetings and networks which resulted in the first public meeting at her home at Quamby on October 15 1985 to consider the formation of a society for people with MND in Tasmania.

After the incorporation of The MND Association of Tasmania on December 9 1986, Sallie was the Fundraising and Publicity Officer on the 11 member Committee. Another memorable milestone occurred on March 17 1996 when one of Sallie and John's four sons, Guy, was elected President of The MND Association of Tasmania.

We are very thankful for Lady Ferrall and her vibrant personality, passion and drive which resulted in the birth, growth and development of an organisation to support people and their families living with MND in Tasmania. Our sympathy is with her sons and their families at this time.