Earlier this year, MND Victoria successfully applied to Tasmania Medicare Local (TML) Care Coordination Program for funding to continue to deliver the Regional Advisor Service in Tasmania. The funding is provided by the Commonwealth Government to implement the Care Coordination Program and targets four types of chronic disease including Neuro-degenerative Disorders. The Care Coordination Program includes flexible funding that can be accessed to address any urgent unmet support or equipment needs of our clients.

For people living with MND in Tasmania, this will mean that:

  • There will be extra money to help with the purchase of equipment or allow clients to visit private health professionals if necessary
  • The Regional Advisor will have support and assistance with increased access to the health professional network throughout Tasmania
  • Additional methods can be sourced to ‘spread the word’ about MND and the Association
  • Information about what is happening within the Tasmanian health system will be easier to access
  • TML will promote professional development and the upskilling of health professionals with regard to MND 

This additional funding also means that beginning next year, visits to Tasmania will be every six weeks by the Tasmanian Regional Advisor.