Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Tasmania recently held their awareness week, 4-10th May in which they raised in excess of $5,000 for MND Awareness. Over the past year Lions Tasmania’s District Governor George Bugeja has been promoting MND Awareness throughout the state whilst visiting all fifty Clubs. “I wanted to raise awareness and also funds for research towards this extremely terrible disease to help to find a cure” he said. “My mother passed away from it, that was the first time I had heard of MND”.

Last week DG George presented a cheque from Lions Tas. to the President of MND Tasmania Tim Hynes in Hobart totalling $10,400. All funds raised came from Lions Clubs in many parts of Tasmania.  Lions Tasmania raised funds for the Tasmanian community and is proud to have been associated with MND this year. “100% of funds raised from the public are donated back to the public” DG George said.

George and Tim